Controlling Your Fear

Fear is an intense energy. When unattended, fear consumes the mind and leads to paranoia. For a moment, reflect on how you react when fear enters your life.  What are the situations when fear arises and the thoughts speed through the mind as fast as a spinning rolodex? Sit in this moment and feel as the fear enters the body.  Become aware of the subtle changes within the body. Experience the tightness in the chest, tensing of the shoulders, and pressure building in the back of the head as anxiety begins to accumulate. Acknowledge this fear as a growing energy inside of you, but as a source of energy that can be controlled and released. Breathe into your heart and feel the intense energy begin to soften.


When energy builds up in the body, we have a few options. We can continue to let the energy percolate inside the body like a pot of boiling water, or we can channel the energy toward a worthy direction or cause. In either scenario the energy eventually needs to be released. Too often we boil to our limit point, which erupts into a powerful, sometimes uncontrollable release.  You’ve heard the phrase “the straw that broke the camel's back” - this “last straw” causes uncontrollable or reactionary behavior, often times creating more harm than good.  By learning to channel, we control our behavior and focus the intensity of the energy in our favor.

Use this moment to acknowledge your internal fear. How can you redirect this energy in your life? What actions can you do today to release some of this energy from within you? Are you delaying a conversation with someone? Are you prolonging a simple task? Are you imposing limitations on yourself and missing opportunities to reach your true fulfillment? By acknowledging fear and directing its energy to be released from the body, we create a tremendous opportunity to evolve into the perfected self.  Become a being who is aware of his or her inner powerful strengths and of the necessary discipline - and ultimate success - of targeted self control.


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