Who am I??

Who am I? This is a question we have asked ourselves since the days of meeting new friends in the sandbox. The answer begins to unfold as we mature and discover more about ourselves. It is often associated with our duties and abilities in the physical world.  I am a teacher, a dancer, a nurse, a student, a business owner, an artist. Rarely is there a reply with I am love, I am deserving, I am powerful. Who am I is a question that speaks to the depth of a person. Forcing each of us to reflect upon their inner being.


Who we all are is Light. This divine illuminating Light inside each of us, also serves to connect all of us.  As we go about our days, months, even the years, we become distracted by being an artist, an employee,  a teacher, a business owner, that we forget about the Light inside of us.


This is the perfect time of year to reconnect with who we are.  The end of July is the hottest time of year for the planet - the plants are in full bloom, the temperature of the Earth rises, and we experience summer here. The excess energy is not only available physically but also spiritually.   As the planet experiences a flourishing growth so too can we experience our own tremendous growth within. However, there is need for caution.  When the sun’s energy is too hot, our skin is unprotected we experience sunburn.  Similarly, when the inner being experiences too much Light and is unprotected it creates undesired side effects.  It is our duty to prepare the physical body and the inner being for the abundance of Light which is now available.


There are several ways to prepare ourselves for this excess Light. Meditation is one integral tool to calm the mind. When the mind is calm, it has the ability to think more clearly, and can direct thoughts and desires more effectively to create and manifest.  Another tool involves diet focus.  On a hot day, we find some foods unappealing, especially heavy, dense foods which are unsettling for the body.  Choose foods that are simple, water based, and easy to digest. It is suggested that we eat fruits, vegetables, and grains while avoiding meats, dairy, and processed foods. These sattvic foods are known as food for the saints because they aid in the connection to the Divine Light.  Lastly, drink a lot of water.  As the body temperature rises, the heat purifies the body.  Drinking water helps to flush the body and regulate temperature.  

Now is the opportunity to reconnect to the Light within and rediscover Who I Am. By purifying the mind and body we prepare the being to receive more energy, more Light. This abundance of energy will continue for the next three weeks.  Make good use of this time.  Soon it will transition into fall, a period of reflection from the year past in order to make amends with the karmas of tomorrow.