"Open Your Heart"

"Open your heart." It sounds cliche, but how often is your heart truly metaphorically open? This expression is used to help others become more altruistic with themselves and the surrounding environment.  An opened heart allows the movement of energy, love, and compassion to flow from one being to the next.  The body responds to this by releasing tension in the neck, a warm sensation from the heart, and a calmness in the mind.   

There are a few simple techniques to opening the heart. Simply place your hands upon the heart and breathe deep into the body. Energy is emitted through the hands, head, and feet.  (This is why to keep the body warm, we cover them up.) When the hands are placed on the center of the chest, the energy that is emitted from the hands then re-enters the body through the heart, creating a closed circuit within the body.  This becomes the basis of Reiki - life force energy.  With every inhale, feel the heart expand as the energy begins to circulate through the body.  With every exhale release the stagnation or blockages within the heart.  Allow the heart to grow and the energy to flow freely through the body.

Another heart opening method is to conceptualize or remember moments of laughter and joy.  This will help bring a smile to your face and calm the overthinking of the mind.  Memory is a tool which brings back a flood of emotions that the body can re-experience. Whether it's the day of your graduation, the birth of your child, or the embrace of a loved one, this nostalgia can shift our moods, allowing the present moment to be experienced with an open heart.   

Join us this week for a two part service.  Tuesday night's Sound Bowl Meditation at 8pm will be on Opening The Heart, followed by Thursday night's Reiki & Tantra Circle at 8pm to harness the heart energy. Suggested donations of $20 are appreciated, and all are welcome.