Entering Divine Providence

Desire is the catalyst for energy movement.  When we desire, we are asking to receive something. These can be categorized into two types.  The desire to receive for the self alone is a low vibrational, ego filled desire for one’s personal gain only.  The “Desire of the Creator” is the desire to receive to share with others, which is an outward projection of a higher vibrational energy that connects us to the Divine.

Regardless of the type of desire, individually we are the first recipients to receive - we become the vessel, the container to receive.   However, the desire to receive for the self alone is a closed circuit. There is no movement beyond ourselves.  It is limited in capacity and has no room to grow. When we have the desire of the Creator, to receive in order to share, it is a continuous circuit. This allows our vessel to grow.  The adage holds true: the more we give, the more we receive.

Last week concluded Passover.  In religious texts, this marks God’s intervention with the Israelites and the Exodus from Egypt.  In this context, the Pharaoh's desire to receive for the self alone was an all-consuming obsession while the Israelites’ desire to receive for the sake of others (collective freedom) reached a critical mass.  The desire of the Creator triumphed and led to their physical freedom and the release from their bondages.

It’s easy to apply this idea to modern times.  In our daily lives we can be consumed by our desires, our jobs, technology, responsibilities, and obligations.  In the Christian text, Jesus says that a knowledge of Truth would bring about freedom, meaning that Truth sets us free by aligning us with that which was never bound.  Our self-consuming desires hold us captive - these are our “bondages”.  It is our limited perception, our desire to receive for the self alone, the desire for possessions, that keeps us in these metaphorical bondages.

Let us collectively rid ourselves of our captivity.  Desire to receive to share with others...and enter into Divine Providence.