Light and Destruction Meditation

We are in a period with our meditations that focus on cleansing our being. When we cleanse our being, we are cleansing what Kabbalah refers to as our vessel, what the Bible refers to as our temple.  We are conduits of Light. Last week we focused on Light entering through our crown chakra as it travels down to our root.  We meditated on the clearing of the pathway or the channel, so the Light is not obstructed in any manner.  

This meditation builds upon that.  When we are praying or asking to receive something we usually assume that we can handle what comes our way. However, there are times when what we ask to receive is greater than what we can handle. As with everything, too much of something can cause more harm than good.  Too much Light can cause something to burn, can cause destruction. There is a fine line between a suntan and a sunburn.  So in this meditation we want to focus on strengthening our vessel.  We want to ensure it can receive the abundance of light that is available, without destroying the container.  

When our vessel is strong we can contain an abundance of Light. As a beam of intense Light, this energy is used not only for ourselves, but is radiated outward into the world around us. Shining Light throughout our travels, dispersing the darkness.

As Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” By tending to your own wellness, reconditioning your mind and actions, it has a ripple effect everywhere you go.


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