Hope in the New Year

One of humanity’s unique attributes is the existence of Hope. In the darkness of winter, when the land is barren and the air is harsh, Hope is our saving grace. Our ancestors celebrated the arrival of winter with great joy and festivities. The long dark nights succumbed to the ever expanding daylight, and the scarcity of winter would soon be a distant memory in the presence of a fruitful spring. Hope gives optimism when present conditions show little sign of relief. As we say goodbye to 2016 and enter the new year, let hope for a better tomorrow be a unifying force for us all. 

This past year has been difficult for many. The grievances experienced from loss and the “what if’s” of possibilities leaves many of us in fear during this time of uncertainty. The illusion of fear is a paralyzing force. It’s a blockade against action, or even worse, a reckless mobilizer. Fear serves as a means to divide through our differences - it is the antithesis of Hope.  To dwell in fear is to create more of it. We must deliberately turn away from that which excites our fears. Hope requires us to see the serenity of the present as a necessary step to proceed forward. It is a uniting force that elicits the best of man instead of the worst. We all share the same desires: to be loved, to be understood, and to have a meaningful life. Let us build bridges over our divisions and join at our commonality. 

As we shed 2016 in our evolutionary path forward, we release the paralysis of our limiting thoughts and restrictive perception. Instead, let us ask to expand our awareness and how we can meet the challenges ahead. Each person has the ability to impact our collective future. Hope provides the encouragement to your success. What becomes of the year ahead will be defined by you and where you place your attention.  Is it in Fear or Hope?