Know Thyself

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” - Marianne Williamson

As a child, I, by all accounts, was not positioned for success. I was a Puerto Rican kid from a working class family who had developmental issues. I was raised in liberal New England and moved to the Confederate South just as puberty hit. Coming out of the closet wasn't a choice at the time. There were other layers of identity that I had to tackle first, including race and class issues.  Dealing with my sexuality was not a priority in my teen years.  Later, in college and my early 20’s, I finally had the opportunity to explore who I was and find my authentic voice.

During those years I found out that I wasn't that different from other people after all. Sure, I had my unique challenges, but everyone has their own similar journeys. We tend to fantasize or idealize what the perfect life should be for us, and it can be very painful when that perfect image isn't our reality. Pain and suffering, while often times self-inflicted, can be a humbling experience.  It can serve as a vehicle that draws us toward spirituality as we search for relief to aid our internal struggles.

Regardless of what path is taken, you eventually and assuredly will discover the deep understanding that the Light of God is within you,  and that Love is all there is. That's it, as simple as can be.  Everything is either bringing you toward that Light or separating you from it.  Allowing yourself to be open to this realization is truly the greatest relief of all.  It is a conscious decision and makes your journey that much easier. Only bring in thoughts and actions that are generative, filled with light and love.  Release those thoughts and actions that are destructive - they aren’t fulfilling and you don’t need them.

Knowing that you are full of Light is very powerful.  Helping others awaken to their own light and their connection with the divine is our collective shared purpose.  To be the light for yourself and for the world is the only real marker for a life well-lived.  We are each and all positioned for true success from birth - it’s up to us as individuals to realize and achieve our light.

Namaste and Om for dayyyyyz,