The 3 Forms of Human Experience

The human experience is comprised of 3 forms: the body, the mind, and the soul.  The body is our outer “shell”.  Limited by form, the body serves as a container for the mind and soul. Unlike the confinements of the physical body, the mind is limitless in perception, but is held captive by the Ego.  The individual uniqueness of the mind keeps it attached to the physical world, where our egos selfishly struggle to control our thoughts and actions.  The mind can only be freed from the Ego when it no longer sees itself as confined within the shell of the body, but rather interconnected with a greater unbounded source - the soul.  The soul represents our continuous connection to the Divine Light, and when the mind aligns with the soul, our notions of limitation or lack dissolve away.

The body, as a container, is a temporary neutral state of being; it is neither good nor bad. Dwelling within, the Ego attaches to the body, believing this temporary structure to be a permanent residence, but as we know, nothing is permanent.  The true purpose of the body is not to merely serve in the pleasures of the Ego, but to expand outward and help facilitate our work in this world.  And what is our collective work? To awaken to the connection with the Divine and, through acts of love and forgiveness, help others to do the same, for the upward evolution of all.  This understanding requires a deep shift in the mind’s perspective. We can choose to be a slave to the body or be freed from the bondages of the body and inspire others who perceive themselves as bound, helpless, or afraid.  

When the mind releases ties to the Ego and instead pursues uniting itself to the soul, the function of the body is elevated to be of service to the Enlightened mind. The body is no longer held as more valuable than the eternal soul.  In truth, the soul existed before the body materialized, and will continue to be present when the shell of the body is released back into the earth.  In many lineages of spiritual thought, it is believed that a person chooses to die.  A mind attached only to the body suffers in pain.  A mind connected to the soul releases the body in peace, letting go of it gently like an outgrown garment.

The phrase “come out of your shell” can hold a much deeper meaning now.  To perceive that which is beyond the shell of the physical body is to see the connected spirit of all beings.  You are whole, perfect, and complete, just as you are, in any given moment.  Allow yourself to release the attachments to the suffering of the body, for you are in absolute freedom and perfect joy, today.

And so it is… Namaste cool for the summer, friends!

Francisco & Christopher