Love Thyself

There’s some irony that during the shortest, coldest month of winter is our culture’s holiday for love and romance. Much of the discussions surrounding love are concentrated on the outward projection of love. But what is Love and why is it so important to us?

Love is all there is.  Every thought or action is either a movement toward love or a call for love. The movement toward love brings unity.  It is demonstrated by actions of compassion, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance.   However, a call for love is displayed by aggression, confrontation, insults, bullying, and by words or actions to hurt or cause injury. This is true for everything you do. So when interacting with others, ask yourself: Is this an act of love or a call out for love?

Love Thyself.png

Not only does this apply when interacting with others, it also applies to self-love. Loving thyself is an act of uniting with the essence of your being. Love who you are. Find compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness within. You are a unique expression of the Divine. Loving yourself creates a greater connection to the Divine Light within you. Your self-love will be acknowledged by others who seek to emulate what you have accomplished.

Within each person there is the presence of the Divine. Acts of love, whether toward oneself or another, strengthen this union. As this union strengthens, the presence of the Divine can be seen everywhere and in everything. One begins to understand that he is not alone; rather one is a part of the collective whole. All is connected.  Love is all there is.  

During this season of love, take opportunities to love yourself.  Explore self-care and self-kindness more deeply, and in doing so, create a greater connection to the world around you.  Namaste!