Give Thanks

Gratitude is a skill practiced and developed over time. It reaffirms all the goodness and blessings received. Gratitude is a knowing of the spiritual truth, “as you think, so you become”. What the mind focuses upon, the mind attracts.   Establishing a daily gratitude practice shifts the perception from a sense of lack to an awareness of abundance. Even during the most challenging of times, gratitude is a silver lining in our perceived obstacles. There is beauty in every moment of life. The thorns on a stem are as much part of the rose as is the fragrance from the flower.  

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Know this spiritual truth: as you think, so you become.  Whatever the mind focuses upon, it will generate more of exactly that.  Think of health problems and more will certainly appear.  Think of bills to pay, and bills will generate. Hold moments of gratitude, however, and more opportunities of gratitude will come to fruition.  Every day is an opportunity to be a conscious creator of your life experiences. As you think, so you become.

Establishing a daily gratitude practice helps to shift the perception from that of lack to that of abundance.  Lack is reinforced by the thought of being separated from the Divine, separated from the surrounding world. We know that one can never be truly separated from their Creator. Gratitude cultivates feelings of fulfillment and is an affirmation of your connection to something greater than yourself. The abundance, the blessings are proof of being in sync with the world. Such a daily practice shifts how one interacts with the surrounding environment.

Even during troubling times, gratitude can be a silver lining. If our greatest good is always unfolding, then a blessing can be acknowledged in any situation. Grounded by gratitude, one can approach a perceived obstacle from a sense of fulfillment and awareness rather than searching for an external validation or being overwhelmed by the current obstacle.

Learn to enjoy life from one moment to the next. Gratitude reconditions the mind to observe all the abundance and blessings you currently possess. Developing such a practice will shift the perception from a feeling of lack to a knowing of abundance.  There will always be something to be grateful for, even during the darkest of times.  You were created in the image of your Creator, full of abundance, full of love. From this space, acknowledge your blessings and share them lovingly with others. In return, you will experience more uplifting, abundant opportunities to give thanks.