Believe in Miracles

What is a Miracle?

A miracle is a shift in perception. Rather than focusing on lack or limitations, there is a conscious shift to perceive the limitlessness or endless possibilities. Our culture is filled with stories of miracles that happened centuries ago, yet there are miracles occurring every day. A teacher of mine would say, “Wake up every morning with an anticipation for miracles to unfold.”  Can you allow yourself to experience them? The thought alone creates a shift within the being.

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The day before Thanksgiving, Chris and I drove north to San Francisco. Friends repeated their concerns for us regarding the holiday traffic and how long the drive would take us. We were told about the blackout smoke caused by the fires and how dangerous the air would be to breathe because of my asthma. While that may have been a possible experience or reality, it didn’t have to be our own. When there are perceived obstacles, conceive of a miracle.

A miracle is simply a shift in perception and a realignment with the expansiveness of the Divine. Presented with challenges, I released the narrative others had shared about our upcoming journey and sought the miracle.  As we continued along the road trip, there was plenty of traffic and several accidents, but they were all going in the opposite direction of our path. At each passing, we acknowledged the miracle. Along the interstate, we could see the black smoke rising above the mountains - the fires had scorched the Earth for miles.  Between the cloudy skies and the smoky haze, there was a gloomy grey all around. There was an overhanging sadness for the devastation the flames created, and yet an acknowledgement for the presence of something greater than ourselves in the aftermath of the fires.

We sought a miracle to lighten the spirits for the greatest good of all sharing the travels of the day.  Suddenly, bright rays of sunshine pierced through the clouds and, simultaneously, drops of rain fell from the sky.  As we drove along edges of mountains and amber fields of grain, a majestic sun shower accompanied us. To the right, stretching from the horizon, was a massive double rainbow arching across the open sky.  What an incredible and instant lift. Life can be beautifully poetic - just shift your perception. The rain continued through the evening, and the next morning we awoke to the gitty of our little nieces shrieking with delight.  The rain had cleared the smoke filled skies and largely diminished the nearby fires. After two weeks of being sequestered, the girls could go out to play in the sunshine with their uncles. Another miracle had occurred.

In times of need, it is easy to beseech the grace of the Divine. In desperate times we offer up absolutes, seeking in return a favor from above. The belief that you are separate from the Divine is an illusion.  One can never be separated from their Creator. Whether in desperation or in moments of delight, a miracle is waiting to happen. At any minute, take a breath, make a reconnection, and shift your perception. Believe in Miracles, all year long.  Happy holidays!!