New Beginnings

Happy Spring!  When we write these blogs, we search for themes that are universal, so that regardless of who you are, your background of lifestyle, the topics may be relatable. The themes deal with the experience of being human. Each one of us comes from a different religious or spiritual lineage. The Divine can be witnessed in our true similarities.

rebirth v2.png

This month is focused on Rebirth and New Beginnings. The human experience is cyclical - permanence is a fleeting idea that is always just out of grasp in our ever changing landscape.  The days are getting longer and warmer. The plants begin to bloom and nature emerges from its slumber. Spring is certainly here! The Primavera is celebrated in every culture as a period of rebirth, the transition from dormancy or stagnation into life anew with creation. As such, as the world around you begins to blossom, there is an innate feeling inside oneself to shift and expand as well.   


The season of winter has officially ended. Although we may still experience a few cold days, the extremities of winter is over.  In Spring, we no longer wear our parka jackets, big gloves, and other clothes to insulate the body. Why? Because they are no longer of service to us.  In fact, by holding onto wearing them, we create more suffering for ourselves. (Try wearing a parka in 80 degree weather to test this yourself!) Yet, there are other things in our lives which also no longer serve us but which we cling onto for various reasons, from relationships (whether intimate or casual) to careers, living conditions to our decided self worthiness (or lack thereof).  


Pain is created by trying to hold onto form, by trying to hold onto things which we have outgrown, by trying to cling to conditions which gave us joy yesterday and which we erroneously believe will continue to give us joy tomorrow. In doing so, we give up our spiritual nourishment or enjoyment.  We give up our peace of mind. And we give up on our upward trajectory. This month is an opportunity to remove the veils that blind us from our progress and create a new path forward. Just as in nature, the seeds we plant now will bare fruit and flora in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Your conscious decisions today will impact outcomes in the near future.


During this point of transition, it is important that you listen. Develop the underutilized sense of listening - both within through meditation, and through active engagement with others. In doing so you hear your Authentic Voice, and those expressed by friends and strangers alike, for continued opportunities to cultivate and expand.  Being in alignment with your Higher Self helps to create a journey filled with centered enjoyment and deserved happiness, especially as you learn to let go and begin anew. With a conscious decision to let go, there is a opening created for a beautiful new beginning. Namaste!

Love and Light,

Francisco & Christopher