Desire and the Divine Connection

Arising from the depths of your being, desires are an expression of action.  Desire itself is the internal energy that brings forth waves of creation. Its purpose is to express the simplicity, the innocence, the beauty, and the creativity of your unique individuality. Just as you are an expression of the Divine, your desires are an expression of You.  However, in the chaos of our busy modern lives, pangs of all sorts of desires light up our minds like a nonstop lightning storm, and it becomes difficult to decide what to focus attention toward. The goal, then, is to realign the quality of your perception with that of the Creator. Your wants may be self serving in any fleeting moment, but choose to let your desires serve a higher purpose.


Everything is the effect of desire - the work you do, where you live, and the people you interact with are direct results of previous desires.  You have the power of choice and it is the one power that can never be taken from you. You decide if something comes into your life, how you respond to it, and if you give your energy to it or not.  Remember this principle: “You are what you think.” This universal truth is one that many of us have direct experience with and can attest to its significance as we have chosen to think differently through the years.

Some teachings encourage having endless desires, others instruct us to restrict desires.  We believe in a healthy balance between the two. The Vedanta Treatise provides a simple equation: desires entertained - desires fulfilled = level of happiness

Having desires unfulfilled creates agitation in the mind, body, and intellect, depleting the level of happiness.  When there is a block in desires or when they are left unfulfilled, this is an opportunity to heal the subconscious thought that is preventing your creative expression. After some reflection you may discover the blockage is rooted in fear, sense of lack, shame, comparison, or some other sense of limitation. Such observations are made in moments of self-reflection.

You are a being of Divine essence. Imagine that the vastness of the ocean is the Divine and you are a breaking wave in its movements. Your individuality can be witnessed and so too the connection to the ocean and the Divine.  Like desires aroused from the depths of the ocean to create the unique wave, allow true desire to rise from the depths within you and extend the expression from the Light within.


Francisco & Chris