Letting Go

The Buddha once said, “The root of suffering is attachments.” Pain is created through attempts to hold onto form, by trying to hold onto things which have been outgrown.  When conditions are clung to because they provided joy yesterday and we assume they will again soon, enjoyment and spiritual nourishment in the present are sacrificed.  Even worse, when old wounds fester within, we use these inflictions as an excuse for our misery. The only solution is to let go. We must learn to let go of our attachments and rediscover the peace within ourselves. 

letting go blue.jpg

Pain is created by holding onto form when life is a continuous transition. Years ago I opened a storefront and spent hours, weeks, months, and all my money, to create a beautiful serene environment. After a couple of years and a grueling breakup, I was asked to let it go. The pain was so intense that I cried for a season. The storefront represented my identity.  It was a form used to channel spiritual work and a space for others to practice. A year passed before the realization came to me that it was my essence that made the venue sacred. A space of reverence is not restricted to a structure and can be created anywhere. The attachment to the storefront was causing my suffering.

So often conditions that once provided joy are clung onto hoping they will again provide joy in the future. However, in the present we suffer from a sense of lack.  Over the years I have kept friendships out of obligations or by a self-imposed need. So much time, energy, and resources were spent on people who stopped reciprocating long ago. They become spiritual vampires sustained by the life force energy of others. Let go of them. In doing so, you create an opening for more fulfilling connections with others to occur.

Lastly, let go of the old wounds that dwell deep within. If left to fester, these wounds manifest as disease in the body. The art of forgiveness is a skill to master.  In forgiving others, we forgive ourselves. Forgiveness creates an opening to release, process, and heal from an experience. It can be more painful to forgive the person than to heal from the wound inflicted. Yet, there can be no peace without forgiveness.  

A spiritual journey is an evolution of self identity and awareness in the collective whole. The curriculum includes observing your attachments and the difficulty of letting them go. Pain is created by holding onto form as it transitions. Suffering emerges when clinging to conditions and situations no longer present. Old emotional wounds must be forgiven and released from captivity within the body. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Connect more to the Light within and to less of the other stuff.