Be Yourself!

Each retreat attracts people who come for various reasons.  Some come to getaway from their home routines, others seek community.  Some come with the desire to be surrounded by like minded souls, while others seek to discover an inner awareness. In any scenario, a common thread is the desire to be their authentic Self.

Far too often fear is used as an excuse to suppress emotions, thoughts, and actions. Fears of judgements, shame, and exclusion, cause people to limit themselves so not to appear inferior. Fears of rejection causes others to withhold love, hold a hand, or to extend a warm embrace. The build up of all these fears causes a disconnect from the community and a suppression of the true Self. The retreats create a sacred space where fears are transformed in the presence of love, just as darkness is removed in the presence of Light.

From one’s perception, to be completely yourself can be scary or it can be an act of freedom. Let go of the doubts, the fears, the worries of acceptance. We accept you for who you are, perfect, whole, and complete. You must know that to be true for yourself. Embody this truth. As a being filled with love and light, by sharing your authentic Self, you inspire others to do the same. Enrich the fabric of our society and elevate the consciousness of others. Let your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent shine as bright as the Light you possess. Baby you were born this way!!