Forgiveness Transcends Guilt

Is there someone in your life who is in need of your forgiveness? Rather than deepening the divide, find unity. Atonement - “at one ment” with the Divine - is available to all and is our objective.  It is the way to undo the belief that anything is for you alone. To forgive is to overlook and see beyond the error of another person. Witness the Divine Presence in the other and know that you are not separate from them. In doing so, judgement is not passed but rather love is extended. There are times when to forgive someone can be more painful than the wound inflicted. And yet, there can be no peace without forgiveness.


To see beyond the error is the first step in detaching ourselves from the situation. Our emotions without supervision have the ability to root us into pain.  The suffering is used to justify our perception of victim consciousness. To forgive is to overlook. See beyond the moment of suffering. As the Divine presence dwells within you, so too does it dwell in the other person. See the embodiment of spirit in others and be reminded that all is one. The moment of error is a brief act of separation. The other person has forgotten they too are part of the collective. Can you forgive them for their misbelief in separation?

Have mercy upon another as you acknowledge their imperfections. Know that what you think the person did to you, they did not do. It is your attachment to the suffering that allows the pain to fester within your being.  For example, I had a student who refused to ever dance because he was told years ago he was a bad dancer. After a deeper conversation, he revealed as a teenager, one afternoon his older sister made fun of his dancing. Since then he never danced. Decades went by as he witnessed others dance but never tried. His sister’s words were piercing but it was his attachment to them that prolonged his suffering. Through a process of forgiveness, he shared with his sister the narrative he had been carrying. To his surprise, she apologized and said “You can dance, you were just annoying me that day.” In a holy instant, a shift occurred. What he thought his sister did to him, she did not do. As beings we have absolute sovereignty over our peace of mind. No one can take that from us unless we willingly give it up.  

Forgiveness is a process of healing to release suffering and judgement. To judge another reinforces the misbelief that you are separate from creation. This is an illusion. What we see and judge in others is merely a reflection of what we see within ourselves.  To judge another is to judge oneself. The power of forgiveness is the extension of love. To transcend judgment is to express love. Be the embodiment of the Divine presence and freely practice forgiveness. Your generosity will affect numerous lives, including your own.