The Gift of Freedom

The Divine’s Will for us is complete peace and joy. When peace is not experienced, there is a refusal to acknowledge the Divine’s Will. In that moment there is a misbelief in separation that we are not connected to the Creator.  In union there is peace and joy. Within ourselves, we each have the freedom to choose to connect or neglect our union with God and the surrounding world. The choice to deny one’s connection creates loneliness and suffering.

Gift of Freedom.jpg

We have created a world of isolation, dissociating ourselves from everything.  Indeed, the world is maintained by the fear of loneliness. Although fear is an illusion. One is always connected to the Light and therefore is never truly alone. Light dispels darkness, not by attack, but by shining it away. As beings of Light, we can illuminate everywhere we go and as a result, darkness retreats. This remembrance reunites us with the Divine, the Creator.  

As children of God we have free will. Does our will align with the Will of God? Our will may be a desire to have a certain job, a home, a partner, good health, lots of money, etc.  But if and when those desires do not appear, agitation and suffering occurs. Suffering is the attachment to desires and the value assigned to them over the peace of mind, emotions, and the body. Free will is to have absolute sovereignty over our state of being.  Nothing can take away the peace of mind unless it is willingly given up. Once triggered, inner peace can be maintained by acceptance. Accept the present moment. Allow the comfort of peace to wash over the self while releasing the attachments which caused the suffering.  By acknowledging the inner Light, in a moment of salvation, the Great Spirit aligns our individual wills to God’s Will of complete peace and joy. This awareness denies the illusions of fear, separation, lack, anger, dis-ease, transforming us into a beacon of Light to shine onto others peace and unity. 

In order for us to receive peace, there must first be a desire to share it. Healing begins with a desire in the mind and reflects a joint will.  Being told what to do means nothing if the mind chooses not to follow. The process of healing is how separation becomes oneness, as the mind determines its own condition. We decide if we are separate or united, experience pain or joy. That choice is free Will. God does not go against our will. It can add strength to our Will but not oppose it.  To do so would go against free will and create separation. Separation is truly only an illusion. 

How long can the inner Light be ignored? God’s Will is complete peace through oneness. Thoughts of separation gives birth to pain, suffering, and tyranny, becoming imprisoned by the mind. Remember who you are: a child of God. Remembrance is your freedom. Give gratitude for this gift in acknowledging your true Self. To imprison anyone, including yourself, is to deny love and lose sight of the union.  Actively choose peace, choose joy, and choose love; in doing so, Awaken to your truth, and experience true freedom!