I Am Light

What does it mean to say, “I am Light”? Such a statement brings about an elevated sense of awareness. Referencing Light and Darkness are universal themes found in every religion and spiritual practice on this planet, regardless of cultural identity, language, or region. To say “I am Light” acknowledges the presence of the Divine within you. Can you allow yourself to sit in such awareness or do you dismiss it, allowing the mind to continue to wander?

I am the Light (1).jpg

In a spiritual practice, we start to gain control over the body, the intellect, and our emotions. This can be a challenge because those three aspects of ourselves tie us to the physical world.  When we meditate, our objective is to loosen those attachments so we can become the observer. It is a practice in releasing the emotions, allowing the body to rest, and willing the mind to ease into peace.  The stream of thoughts flow through us as we merely witness them but are not tied to them. All of this is a practice. We are reconditioning ourselves. So if today you are not able to fully release your attachments, try again tomorrow. 

When we meditate we are receding through layers into the Light within ourselves.  There are a few terms used to describe this process of layering. In yoga the layers are referred to as Koshas, in Kabbalah it’s called vails, others refer to an onion. By any name, these layers surround the inner Light.  They are the physical body, the energetic body or aura, the intellectual mind, the breath, and the spiritual bliss. So as we recede into the core of all of this, we connect to our inner Light, the Divine Self. 

The presence of God, the Creator, dwells within us. All that is required is a shift in perception and a willingness to connect. While we have so many tools at our fingertips, yoga, meditations, crystals, chanting, prayers, and everything else cannot inject spirituality into your soul. Only you can do that by communing with the being inside of you. In cultivating a connection with the soul, you are connecting to the Light.   

The belief that you are separate from the Light within you is an illusion.  You are never separated from the Divine. It only takes a willingness to see the Light to be lifted out of darkness and reunited with your true self.  We try to use words to articulate this experience, but it is impossible to describe the expansiveness and limitlessness we obtain by dwelling in the sacred space. Our true self, like the Great Spirit, is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent; all knowing, all powerful, and all around. So wherever you are, at any moment, you are not alone. Find solace in this knowing, and be inspired to remind yourself, “I Am Light.” 

Glow on, friends! Be the Light in this world.