Loving Discipline

The road to enlightenment is a journey that demands a loving discipline. We must consciously condition our behavior to be life affirming. Such a discipline is not out of obligation for fear of divine punishment, but out of love for thyself.  To ascend into enlightenment requires a willingness to be aware. The most valuable resource is the awareness of behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that limit your ability to elevate your consciousness. Maintaining a loving discipline will assist in awakening to the truth that you are one with Source, God’s Light.

Loving Discipline.jpg

Ascension is the evolution into higher consciousness. Through the integration of a spiritual practice we can rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as awakened divine beings in physical form. This requires the need to be consistent with our thoughts, speech, and actions to be life affirming and expressions of love. Committing to such a discipline is necessary in order to shift out of old patterns and habits.

The world is full of illusions and temptations that can easily capture the peace of mind. A simple distraction can lead us astray. Cultivating awareness is a tool of loving discipline. Recognize what no longer spiritually nourishes your being and remove those habits, beliefs, and relationships from your life. Surround yourself with those who assist in your evolution - including people, work, food, communities, and activities.  This will help maintain a spiritual discipline. The journey to enlightenment is gained over the course of time through reinforcement. When the ego mind revives old beliefs and patterns, an evolved awareness is essential to self correct oneself. Cut the chords to the past by releasing any sense of pain, judgement, guilt, and shame which vail your ability to express the Divine Light.

It's up to each and every individual to make the inner shift to awaken and ascend. So many of us delay our spiritual awakening until our days are numbered, missing out on a life lived to the fullest potential. Can you commit to a loving discipline for your spiritual practice? Meditate, expand your perspectives, seek wisdom, and witness the Divine around you.  Wake up from the persistent illusions and remember the truth, that you are source incarnate. As you ascend your consciousness, you will inspire others to do the same, and the world will have been made a better place along the way.