Rebirth & New Beginnings

This month is focused on Rebirth and New Beginnings. At different points throughout the year, this is a topic we revisit. As the seasons shift, we are reminded of the passage of time. Fall represents a transition as the days get shorter and cooler. The harvest marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new cycle. During any period of transition there are spiritual principles that may be of service to us. The first is the power of letting go. Everything - and we mean everything - is a temporary moment of existence. The second is the power of now! Have courage to act in the present. Lastly, trust in spirit. Affirm that the greatest good is always unfolding. As with all spiritual principles, apply them first and see what unfolds.

rebirth v2.png

The power of letting go is a reminder that all is in a constant state of change. Our life’s journey is a continuous lesson in receiving and letting go.  By holding onto our attachments, especially to things that once gave us happiness or joy but no longer do, we create suffering and pain in our experience.  In letting go, space is created to receive once again and this allows the process to continue. Open your spiritual flow valve and see what goodness pours out!

In this exchange of receiving and letting go, we place ourselves in the present. All action resides in the present - this is the power of now. Far too often opportunities are missed due to inaction. Have the courage to create a new beginning and say yes to your desires. What is created today molds the future. At any moment, our destinies can change.  All it takes is a single step forward to create a new beginning. 

Transitions can be full of emotions. Especially when things don't play out according to our wants or desires.  It is in these moments that we must reaffirm our connection to spirit. As a part within the collective, declare that the greatest good is always unfolding. We may not have privy to what the greatest good is at the moment, but can we surrender to it, allowing that thought to invite calmness to the mind, body, and heart. Remember that it is our attachments and expectations that cultivate our sufferings. 

There is much to learn in observing the changing of the seasons. As the trees let go of their leaves, we are inspired to do the same.  What have you outgrown? What is it that no longer serves you? Are you willing to gently let go with the light autumn breeze to have a new beginning?  Transitions can be challenging or they can be filled with ease - it is all in perception, truthfully. The willingness to embody courage and act in the present lays the foundation for the future to be built upon. There can be no springtime buds and blossoms without the autumn foliage to fall and nourish the earth. Therefore, we go forth with a knowingness that our greatest good is always unfolding. So when the journey ahead presents a challenge or a gift, the presence of the Divine can be witnessed and acknowledged with an open heart.  In doing so, we remain part of the collective, a truly prismatic ray of Autumnal Light.