The Spiritual Law of Cause & Effect

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just as Newton’s 3rd law of physics is applied universally, so too are the laws of spirituality. Learning spiritual principles is the first step in the ascension of consciousness. One of the cornerstone principles of spirituality is the law of cause and effect. Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it. Whether conscious to the formula or in denial, we are all in a continuous state of creation.

cause and effect.jpg

The law of cause and effect states that our thoughts are creative. Thoughts are embedded with the power of creation. For better or worse, they affect our speech, behaviors, and actions. Our thoughts are seeds planted in the soil of consciousness. The cultivation of the soil provides the nutrients for the seeds to grow.  If the default of the mind is negative, then the thoughts from this space will reflect the negativity in speech, behaviors, and actions. They manifest as fear, a sense of lack, disconnected from love, judgements, untrusting, and shame. Such a level of awareness has dire effects on your life and well-being.

When the soil of the mind is positive, then the thoughts planted will manifest to reflect such a reality. They foster greater compassion, an elevated sense of knowing, receiving and giving love, creating happiness, and a sense of peace. This level of awareness can witness the Divine and is open to their greatest good unfolding. Such an awakening can occur at any moment.  Simply observe the thought patterns and make a conscious shift in perception. Every action has an effect.

To know the law of cause and effect is to understand that our thoughts organize and create the reality of everything we see.  Because we are in this experience together, we are all in a continuous process of co-creation. While we are each responsible for the soil of our individual consciousness, make no mistake, we are part of the collective mind. As you are inspired to create shifts in your own garden, be of service and help tend to the gardens that surround you.