Why We Set Intentions

There are many organic opportunities throughout the year to reflect upon the delicate passage of time.  The cool breeze of Autumn signifies the end of summer and the need to prepare for the winter ahead. This is a period of expanding gratitude while acknowledging the coming transition. Similarly to the physical preparations made for the change of seasons, there must also be focused preparations made for the conscious mind.


The conscious mind is always active. As creative beings, we understand that our thoughts create our reality. If the thoughts are of enjoyment, abundance, and love, then reality reflects this state of mind.  If the thoughts are chaotic, filled with lack or envy, then reality reflects this mindset as we manifest chaos around us. The law of inertia will keep these thoughts building upon each other unless a shift occurs. Becoming aware of the thought patterns in the conscious mind and creating necessary shifts is a meaningful task every student continues to practice.  

Autumn is a time to reassess the conscious mind. What are your thoughts creating? Knowing the law of inertia, take a moment to set your intentions for the months ahead.  In these challenging times, can you perceive your environment to be loving, to be abundant?  Can you perceive a life that is successful and full of enjoyment? Do you envision yourself with fulfilling employment, enjoying the love of a partner, or traveling to new lands? Whatever your conscious mind continues to focus upon will create a new reality for you.

God is eternally bringing forth all the things that not only are needed today, but which will be needed in the farthest future of which we can conceive. If you are unable to conceive a future full of your true desires, then how will it ever come true? If you see yourself as poor, wealth may never come. If you believe you are unlovable, love will be closed off to you. Set clear intentions today so the conscious mind knows what to attract. Be courageous enough to release the doubts, fears, and judgments within yourself. Know that you are as creative as the Light Almighty, and that your best life can be realized - and it can start with simple timely reflection.

Happy Autumn,

Francisco & Christopher