Loving Discipline

The road to enlightenment is a journey that demands a loving discipline. We must consciously condition our behavior to be life affirming. Such a discipline is not out of obligation for fear of divine punishment, but out of love for thyself.  To ascend into enlightenment requires a willingness to be aware. The most valuable resource is the awareness of behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that limit your ability to elevate your consciousness. Maintaining a loving discipline will assist in awakening to the truth that you are one with Source, God’s Light.

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Love Thyself

I am loved, I am loving, I am lovable forever.

Such a mantra connects to the depth of our existence. In this space of awareness, we are reminded of who we are; love in form. Let us relinquish our perceptions of the world, in favor of the true Reality. Removed are the distractions of the physical word, the confines, and limitations once envisioned. Replaced by the comfort of perfect silence, an enlightened knowing, an expansive peace. Love may be given and received, but Love comes from a space of being.

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