Making Amends

Making amends is an opportunity to heal from previous grievances. This allows for a reflection upon behaviors, actions, and thoughts regarding ourselves and others. This is a process of acknowledgement and forgiveness that can be difficult but is necessary for the soul. 

Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine.  Our true purpose is to use the inner Light to share love, wisdom, and compassion.  When we deviate from this purpose we create unrest, setting into motion a series of unfortunate events.  One can be a beam of Light and still spread gossip, untruths, and anger.   A person can be empathetic but unmoved by a call for help.  A mother can desire the best for her child yet is motionless to the needs of another child. 

The Divine Light is often beseeched to aide people in their desires.  "Give me this and I shall do that" is a negotiation many of us have used. God’s nature is to provide for our desires, yet we often neglect to fulfill our promises made.  The teacher of God can get angry. The compassionate person’s heart might turn cold.  A mother may ignore the need of another’s son.  In these actions, pain is created and suffering endured.  

Today, let us make amends.  We will never know the extent of our influence. The lives affected by our actions (or inactions) will be countless.  To acknowledge error is bold.  To ask for forgiveness is courageous.  And to forgive others is to be in the grace of God.

The Story of Projection

As a psychological defense mechanism, the powerhouse of the mind can block emotions that it does not desire to acknowledge, feel, or express. Suppressionis when the mind is consciously aware of such a block. For example, some people clean their homes when they are suppressing emotions until they are ready to face them. Repression is a more severe block to the conscious mind from extreme emotions such as terror, guilt, rage, or shame.  While it's an effective mental block to help keep one’s sanity and go about daily life, these extreme emotions remain with us on an unconscious level.  As a means to remove our pain, we then direct these emotions toward someone or something outside of ourselves. This external transfer of emotional energy is called projection.  Projection allows us to be convinced that our emotions are being caused by a wholly external person, place, or thing, rather than originating from within.

When repressed emotions are projected onto someone or something else, we see the other (and not ourselves) as possessing or embodying those qualities. If we unconsciously repress our personal shame and instead project it upon another, then we will view this other person as shameful.  If we repress our anger and rage only to then project it, we see other people as angry and full of rage.  They become people we believe we need to protect ourselves from, and we accuse them of all the things we fear within ourselves.  Our mind tells us that someone else is to blame for the terrible things that have happened in our life.  We demand that others be punished so we feel righteous, safe, and comforted.  But this defense mechanism only carries us so far.

Be aware of when you are projecting!  The moment you pass judgement or get angry at someone, you just projected.  What you see as objectionable about a person is merely a reflection on what you have rejected or denied within yourself.  You just projected onto them - had you not, then you wouldn't be so upset.

When feelings of judgement or anger arise and you know you are about to project, take a moment of pause and self-reflection. These feelings arise within you, not in the other person.  Make a conscious decision to not play the victim and accept that the scenario being played out is not happening to you, but rather for you.  Awareness of projection is an opportunity to heal old wounds and find growth from within.  Remove the projection and instead forgive what is arising inside of you.  If you choose to ignore yourself, then the painful cycle repeats and you will continue to project what you have repressed for so long.  Let the healing begin from within.