Awaken to Your True Self

The road toward self discovery can take a lifetime, or it may be as easy as opening your eyes. As with so much in life, perception is the key. As a creative and powerful being, you are the embodiment of the Divine. You are a child of God. It is our self-imposed misperception of who we are which blocks such awareness. The awakened state of consciousness is achieved through gentle reconditioning of the mind. We must release the limiting notion of "other" that we have been taught for so many years to realize this inherent connection to our true nature.

By viewing oneself as whole and complete, one does not need to search for an external validating source for access to the feelings associated with being whole and complete. If someone has true self love, they don’t search for someone else to grant them permission to feel loved. Instead, love yourself so much that love becomes an outward expression and you start to love others. In loving others with authenticity, you are Love, and you are loved. This cannot happen until you love who you are at every given moment first.

The journey to awaken your truth lies in the acceptance of who you are. You are whole, perfect, and complete. You are a child of the Divine. By releasing thoughts that are not life affirming, thoughts that constrict, and thoughts of lack or limitation, the mind becomes open to new experiences and blessings. The new mind is expansive and can perceive widened possibilities as within reach. The new mind does not self-sabotage but instead affirms the truth and beauty of your being.

Join us this month as we further awaken in our truths. Zen Casa is a community supporting each other's incredible narratives along our collective journey. This holiday season, remember that your moment of Zen is just one breath away, and there's no place like Om. 

Happy Holidays from our casa to yours,

Francisco & Christopher