Private Sound Therapy & Meditation



Sound therapy uses sound to help relax the body and bring peace to the mind.  Those who are new to meditation often find it difficult to slow down the mind and focus on a thought. The use of sound helps to clear the mental confusion and connect to the peace within. Sessions are specific to the individual.  Some prefer guided meditations, breath work, or to inclusion of crystal bowls. 

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A sound therapy session is similar to our group sound baths.  Each meditation has a visualization that serves as the theme.  The grounding breath work helps to disconnect from the physical world as we connect to the higher Self.  The recipient is then bathed in healing vibrations using an array of ancient healing instruments including gongs, crystal singing bowls, and various primitive and advanced instrumentation.  Once fully submerged, the individual can begin a journey toward healing, enlightenment, and awareness.            

A private sound therapy session is $60

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