Audio - Super Blood Moon Meditation + Sound Bath

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Audio - Super Blood Moon Meditation + Sound Bath


The meditation is focused on connecting to the energy of the Super Blood Moon.

This past weekend we experienced a Super Blood Moon.  This rare phenomenon is the last Super Moon in a Tetrad that has occurred over the past four spring/autumn equinoxes.  A Super Moon -  is when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit.  A Super Moon have energetic effects and causes emotions to be more intense.  The moon is known to control the flow of water on earth. With humans being 2/3 water, the moon has a great influence upon us.  A Blood Moon -  is when the earth casts a shadow over the moon, and the Sun's light is reflected as red light.  A series of Super Moons happens about every 50 years. Often this is a signal of a dramatic change, ending, and new beginnings for us.  


Previous Supermoons and their meanings:

April 2014 - Spring Equinox.  Breaking of relationships and patterns, restoring balance and equilibrium in relationships. Occurred on Passover.

October 2014 Fall Equinox- standing up for yourself. Taking action.  Creating a new path and finding your way of being.  Occurred during the Sukkot.

April 2014. Spring Equinox - another shedding of old patterns, breaking up old beliefs, development of self love and partnerships.  Occurred on Passover.

Fall Equinox -  Falls once again on the Sukkot. A sukkot is a temporary dwelling, roof made of leaves, linens, etc.  When a person is in the sukkot, it serves as reminder that everything around you in the physical world is temporary.  We only have Now, the present. So during this time we connect with this excess energy. This new Light is a call to action.  We detach ourselves from the physical world to have a greater connection to ourselves.  Now is the time to act!!


***Please note*** Zen Casa hosts regular sound baths meditations with the community. They are hosted on Sundays and Tuesday. Please refer to the up-coming events for group classes.



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