Practitioners of Men’s Tantric Activation


Francisco Ramos
As owner of Zen Casa, Francisco brings his healing touch and restorative practice to each of his students. Upon earning a humanities degree from the University of Connecticut, Francisco underwent a spiritual education for the last 10 years.  During this time he studied the techniques of Reiki, energy healings, and began regularly teaching meditation classes.  Francisco is a certified 500 hr yoga instructor under Warrior Yoga Teacher Training and takes workshops and classes for continued education.  Francisco has also completed a 3 year program in Spiritual Counseling and is an ordained minister.  His ministerial training is based in the New Thought Philosophy,  A Course in Miracles,  Science of Mind, and is aligned with the teachings of the Unity Church.  He is a leader in the gay spiritual community.  

What began as a small practice quickly grew as the demand of individuals who seek a work and life balance grew. Creating a space for others to connect to their Higher Selves has been an enduring gift of Francisco. This men’s retreat is a means for gay and straight men to unite in brotherhood, celebrate their sexuality, and to empower the community to continue to elevate and inspire the minds of the rest of humanity.  


Arjuna Ra Arjuna Ra is a world renowned yoga teacher and the founder of Sacred Activation Yoga. He is a descendant of a long line of shamans and curanderas. His personal healing journey became his inspiration for teaching, incorporating the ancient Native American healing practices of his ancestors with different forms of yoga. His practice accesses the healing powers of the mind, body and spirit through meditation, breath, prayer and connection with the yoga asanas. It was through this that he came to experience the primal intelligence of Shakti Kundalini first hand.  Arjuna Ra understands that each individual has their own power to heal from whatever ails them, drawing from their own abundant well of eternal light. When this internal power is activated, it starts to radiate and emit a frequency that attunes one to a higher level of experience. The result is clear: one can move through the world with the least resistance, where the energy they radiate manifests their dreams in the world. Yoga for Arjuna Ra is about empowerment, self-love, and confidence.


Chris Etscheid
Chris has been actively tapped into various wellness communities and artistic social groups for over a decade.  Originally from the midwest hub of Chicago, his passions have connected him to developmental organizations and companies spanning nutritional health, fitness training, holistic medicine, mental health, and music therapy.  He holds a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, eCornell. As co-founder of Zen Casa, Chris integrates his event planning and facilitation background to Zen Casa's community sessions, retreat weekends, and business development.  He works dayside in film and television music licensing, is a founding member of the vocal group Kings Road A Cappella, and is a featured performer with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.  Chris is a community-driven activist, advocating anti-bullying messages in schools across the greater Los Angeles area as co-developer of the outreach program The Alive Music Project, and volunteering for other non-profit groups and causes from the LGBT Center to the LA Food Bank.  


Anthony Ocasio
Anthony is a certified tai chi instructor, yoga instructor, and sound bath master.  Anthony has been a  practitioner for Eastern Arts over ten years.  Having always held this fascination, he pursued the practice while attending college.  After having an initial introduction to the arts through school, he searched until he found his now master, Master Kin Lam.  Anthony has facilitated sound baths with Zen Casa for nearly 5 years.  He and Francisco lead regular sound baths in West Hollywood as well as at Zen Casa retreats around the world.