Retreat Scholarship Fund

Calling all angels!  Zen Casa Retreats are weekend experiences that bring together the diversity within our community. We create a refuge that is inclusive regardless of age, race, sexual identity or religious backgrounds. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and build community in brotherhood.  While we strive to cultivate retreat experiences that are as affordable as possible, there are always a few beautiful souls that reach out to us who are unable to afford the costs of the retreats.  In order for them to have opportunities to participate, we rely on the generosity of others to help cover some of the registration fees.  It is through giving from the overflow of abundance that others gratefully receive and are nourished.  Your donations help to cover the costs of food, lodging, local transportation, activities, excursions, and much more.  Although you may or may not also be in attendence, your giving has lasting influence.  By gifting someone else the opportunity to attend a Zen Casa retreat, you are helping another person to be able to heal from past grievances, learn the wisdom of those who came before them, find acceptance among brothers, and change their life for the better.  A relatively small effort on your part can have a ripple of effects for years to come.   Please consider donating toward the Zen Casa retreat scholarship fund by clicking the link below.  Thank you for your heart, your guidance, and your contribution. 


Testimonial from a scholarship donor:  "My disappointment in having to cancel my attendance at the last Zen Casa retreat in Palm Springs slowly turned to joy when I asked Francisco to redirect my payment and invite someone to take my place, someone who would not otherwise have been able to bridge the gap between resources and inclusion. I understand that some fortunate man arrived and benefitted, not as my surrogate, but as a participant.  This experience of my having to dart to Boston, rather than a Zen Casa retreat, presented the notion that a broader, “scholarship” aspect of the various Retreats’ fees might include the “option of inclusion” as a line item offering to registrants. I would encourage others to seriously consider this possibility."  - Charlie F. 

There are multiple levels of donations.  
Please consider donating as little as $25 or as much a full retreat pass at $1500, which would include travel.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

Sasha M., scholarship recipient El Sol 

Sasha M., scholarship recipient El Sol 

Jason, a scholarship recipient Palm Springs Retreat

Jason, a scholarship recipient Palm Springs Retreat

Testimonial from a scholarship recipient:  "When Francisco & Chris notified me about the opportunity to join their Yoga Retreat in Palm Springs on scholarship, I said YES instantly.  Yoga, hot weather, good friends,  new experiences, and an opportunity for some self reflection and personal growth.  I definitely needed a break from work and life, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I enjoyed myself immensely and made some wonderful friends during the trip that have lasted to this day.  Thank you to whomever sponsored me, it will never be forgotten and I hope I can do the same for someone else someday soon".  - Jason L

Are you the next Scholarship Recipient?

The scholarships make it affordable for some people to attend Zen Casa's retreats. If you are interested in attending and the full price is out of your budget, please consider filling out the following form to be considered for a Retreat Scholarship. Be sure to include a little bit about yourself. 

In addition please answer the following:

  • Why would you like to come on the retreat?
  • What do you hope to get out of the experience?
  • Are you in need of a full or partial scholarship?

We will be awarding scholarships as funding becomes available.  Thank you for your patience.


Mark, a scholarship recipient Harvest Moon

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