Francisco entered my life when I was in a place of total darkness.  His healing energy and work has helped me implement daily practices to keep me healthy and strong.  I fly across county every 3 months simply to experience his work in person since it is so inspirational and powerful.  I cannot express in words the spirit and love this man holds within himself and shares with his clients.  He is simply an angel.  - James H. (Psychotherapist at T.P.A.N.)

After seeking treatment for my addictions, I was in a space where I needed to focus my energy on positive self development. I was referred to Francisco by a friend. As apart of our weekly sessions, he guided me in healing meditations as well as restorative yoga asanas.  Francisco held me accountable for the work we did in our sessions as well as what I did outside of them.  - Dave K.

Francisco has fantastic skills and talent for massage, stretching and meditations. His work has helped me physically and psychically! He is a teacher as well as a practitioner. After his bodywork has fixed me, he has guided me to places where stresses melt away and true empowerment begins. He also has the touch to find what you need done without your explaining and his meditations come from within him but somehow always hit the mark even if I haven't told him where my head is at or where I am feeling a bit lost. And practicality speaking, my bad knee is always less bad when he is finished. Francisco is also a really nice guy, charming and smart.- Frank P. (Partner of Law Firm)

Zen Casa was a great addition to our White Party 2015 weekend Dance Music Festival in Palm Springs, California.  For 26 years this annual festival brings LGBT people from all over the world together for a weekend extravaganza- 8 parties in 72 hours.  We wanted to offer holistic activities for guests to enjoy and recharge from the events at White Party- because pacing oneself is also so important.  Zen Casa, with the instruction of Francisco Ramos, provided a well received solution, teaching morning classes on the convention center lawn, adjacent to the host hotel and the festival. It was a great success.  Having personally been a private student of Francisco, I am not surprised.  His individualized attention and patience creates a healing and supportive environment.  He is both a motivator and a mender of a being. I look forward to working more with Francisco and Zen Casa at future events.  - Phil L. (Public Relations for White Party)

Francisco is an excellent choice if you are looking to do a private yoga session or get an incredible massage. He's truly a one stop shop. -Tony S. (Skincare specialist)

Francisco is a gifted and reflective transformational coach, guide and inspirer. He brings together wisdom, experience, presence in yoga that touches the soul and deepens the goodness and blessings of the journey. His patience with the student affirms the growth and awakens the soul. His gentleness mediated through a focused and developing approach allows you to move with courage into yoga. Francisco is sensitive to the events of one's life as a source of release, growth and healing. His positive and nourishing energy is amazing. Having the blessing of his guidance the past few months I'm more centered, energized, thoughtful and whole. Francisco meets you where you are and invites you to a journey of openness and the healing. Thanks Francisco!   Gregory K.  (Group Medical Facilitator)

After seeking treatment for my addictions, I was in a space where I needed to focus my energy on positive self development. I was referred to Francisco by a friend. As apart of our weekly sessions, he guided me in healing meditations as well as restorative yoga asanas.  Francisco held me accountable for the work we did in our sessions as well as what I did outside of them.  - Dave K. ( Partner of Accounting Firm)

A few months ago I was diagnosis with cancer. In seeking a holistic means of healing myself, I discovered Charlotte the skin care specialist. With a gentle and healing touch, her facials left my skin soft, not irritated, and removed many imperfections. As apart of a package, I began to also meet with Francisco for yoga and meditation. Setting aside extra time before my facials, Francisco would center my mind and calm my anxeity about life.  What an amazing combination. - Shelby G. ( Event Coordinator)

What a beautiful and tranquil location...the perfect setting for focusing on yoga. I love that the space is outside, it really adds a lot having a fresh breeze and being connected to nature while practicing yoga - truly makes for a great experience. Oh and . there is plenty of street parking which is always a plus in West Hollywood. I am new to yoga and love having Francisco to help me focus on breathing, mind and body awareness and yoga poses. I feel like I have grown over the last several weeks...highly recommend Yoga Garden LA to any one at any level.  - Sean C. (Corporate Team development)

I've had several massages from Francisco. The first time I hired him based purely on his looks: cute, tight, and very fit.  I didn't care about the Reiki, but it couldn't hurt... Afterward, though, I was more than relaxed: I felt clear headed, centered and quiet inside. Reiki works! Who knew? I went back for seconds and made sure he included the energy work. I recommend you do the same.  -Andy (City tourism board)

A really unique gem in this crazy city!  I've had an amazing facial here. One of the best parts of this place is the energy and vibe. You walk into a welcoming and comforting environment that feels intimate and immediately relaxing. I also highly recommend getting a massage or taking a private yoga class. You won't regret it!- Kyla H. (Production Assistant)

There was a moment when I diagnosis with cancer and was terribly ill. Filled with high anxiety and inner turmoil, I was open to taking different approaches to my well being.  As the universe would have it, this was when Francisco entered my life. We met regularly for reiki, meditation, yoga, and bodywork. After our sessions I felt lighter, healthier, and calmer.  During my period of treatments, Francisco helped guided me to a place of love and nurturing myself. Afterwards I was stronger and able to endure my journey. So grateful. - Grant (Interior Designer)

I went to see Francisco for a Tarot read. He set the mood perfectly and, although I was skeptical at first, 3/4s of the way through I was bawling. He isn't a clairvoyant but he understands the cards and can interpret them well and they literally read exactly as my emotional, physical and spiritual journey has played out in the past 6 months and indicated what I was struggling with in specific areas and even identified my fears and what I wished for. He asked me questions at the end and listened very well and gave incredible advice for my current path. It was an incredible blessing and I will be returning often. - Brandon R. (Community Organizer)

Let me just say that Charlotte not only rocks as an esthetician, but as a human being as well!!! My consultation was great and I was only recommended products that I ONLY needed without being oversold! My skin has never looked soo CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL and RADIANT as it does now as I have suffered from adult acne. I have very sensitive skin, and like most,  I'm very particular aboutproducts that I use on my face and body. Thankfully Charlotte only uses products that are ORGANIC and PARABEN-FREE:) Not only are the products affordable, but they actually work and are AMAZING!!!! My skin has been truly transformed and I am soo happy that I found her!!! My friends that Ihave sent for facials are now hooked as well and we all love reading the skincare tips that she sends to us on a weekly basis! We are shining bright like diamonds!!!!! Thanks Charlotte for the wonderful care and pride you take in keeping my skin looking and staying its absolute best!!!! Natalie T ( Actress )

"I have been going to Charlotte for Skincare for years. I have very sensitive skin, but ever since I started getting Charlotte's excellent facials I no longer have any breakouts or redness. I always leave calm and relaxed with my skin glowing. I also like that she uses organic products."                        S. Ramsey (Costume Designer )

Please know that I give God the glory for placing Charlotte back in my life, at the right time! The products are working wonders to my skin and I enjoy knowing that she is just a phone call away! Thanks again for all that you do!
S. Bell (Cancer survivor who lives in Texas )