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Private Yoga Therapy - Private one-on-one sessions are truly unique experiences. For those who desire the individualized attention and maintain a busy lifestyle, group classes are often at inconvenient times and offer little privacy.  In an exclusive setting there is opportunity to connect to the Self within, build inner strength, and settle into a moment of peace.  These sessions are tailored to each individual, appropriate to his or her age, yoga experience, fitness level, and/or physical limitations. This truly becomes a hands-on experience.  Francisco travels to students all over the city. Bring some zen to your casa!  For more information about a yoga session, contact us

Francisco teaches ashtanga yoga from the Dharma lineage.  His sessions involve meditations and is influenced from his education in spirituality .  For those seeking a slower practice, Francisco is a certified restorative yoga instructor.  Restorative yoga is minimal movement using blocks, pads, and straps to enter a state of peace and relaxation. 

$95 - (1) Yoga Session


$430- (5) Sessions of Yoga

Who Can Benefit from Yoga?

Francisco has helped students healing from:
Parkinson's, M.S., Weight Issues, Immune Disorders, Scoliosis,  Lower Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve Tension, Anxiety, Hyper-tension, Insomnia, Addictions, Detoxes,  Minimal Mobility, High Stress, Asthma, Cancer, AIDS, Mental Disorders and much more. 

What is a typical Session like?

A yoga practice offers different obstacles for every session.  Each class begins with a grounding of the breath into the present moment.  The session follows a sequence of asana poses  that focus  on building strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance.  Ultimately this ends with savasana,  a spiritual mediation that helps to realign the inner soul with the external body.  A key component in any practice.  Find your moment of Zen with Francisco.  Bring some zen to your casa!
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